Growing in 2021 / Flower 

It is easy to talk about growing spiritually, but the process ... that is a different story. I have been a Christian since the mid 90's, you would think I would be in full bloom by now and that is just it, I have been in full bloom and then the Lord prunes me. Did you know pruning is essential for growth? When I wrote the song Flower notice I was in "sprout" mode, sprouting from the ground. I didn't have my stem or wear my peddles, but I knew I would because after I received Jesus I was immediately infused into an "inherited" hope when I was born again and given a new life. 

How about you? Where are you in the growth process? Are you a seed under the surface awaiting the Lord's Holy Spirit to call you up out of the darkness? Are you the watered seed beginning to sprout, or the sprouting flower with but a stem? Wherever you are, I encourage you to go to God with it, be it praises, petition or to sit still in His loving arms. Remember with out Christ we are nothing but a bunch of tumbleweeds blowing across the desert, love ya, L

PS: call me old fashioned but this recording gives me chills with Lafollette and his authentic guitar sound along with Mugabe and Pelchat holding it all together. There is nothing like that old time bluesy rock and roll!

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