Lisa Gallant Seal is a recording artist from Southern Maine. She uses her original songs and stories to share her relationship with Christ. This artist gives her listener a transparent heart, humor and wit backed up by an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. From the Soulfest stage to coffee house ministries and other various events, Gallant Seal is comfortable with her audience, vulnerable in her stories and passionate for the telling of her Savior, Jesus Christ.   


Inheriting a love for lyrical expression and music from both parents, Lisa taught herself how to play the guitar in her early teens. Growing up in a troubled home, the artist used her natural ability to write songs as a coping tool and a way to connect with others.

Struggling with alcoholism from a young age, the artist got clean and sober in 1988 with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. She became more serious about her music and started to share her original songs on the street, in local pubs, festivals and other events. In the mid ninties she put a band together, The Brotherhood Dogs (1994-2002) and then found herself showcasing her material throughout New England, gaining local notoriety and building a loyal following.

After accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, she felt called out of the secular music scene and into a music ministry by sharing her relationship with Christ through her songs. "I have never felt so right in music like I do when I am singing songs about my relationship with Jesus", says the artist, "and there is the extra blessing of being able to give the back story on these songs ... every song has an intimate story."