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Lisa Gallant Seal at Long Creek Youth Devlopment

Closed Event, So Portland

Closed event, please pray for opened hearts and minds to hear the Gospel - Concert starts at 9am


Lisa Gallant Seal


Please pray for us on this night. I am going in solo and the Lord has pressed upon my heart to give my testimony to sobriety (30 years this year) and most importantly Who got me there! L


Lisa Gallant Seal

Windham Prison Re-Entry Program, Windham Maine

Please pray for these women, 2:30-3:30 on November 5th, for their hearts to go deeper still with Jesus and if not a believer for them to find Him NOW!

INFO - The Southern Maine Re-entry Center (SMRC) is designed to give women the skills and experience they need to successfully live as positive citizens and employees after they transition from state correctional facilities into their home communities.

An emphasis is placed on reducing their risks of reoffending and on increasing their positive outcomes.

Positive outcomes include attributes such as

being employed in high growth/high demand careers, reunifying with their families, using effective parenting skills, having stable post release housing, remaining drug and alcohol free, having prosocial friends and activities, being active citizens, and being able to make healthy choices for their lives.

The program uses gender-responsive principles as the foundation of all its programming and operations.

The Center houses up to 64 women and is located in Cumberland County.

Long Creek - LGS Concert in the Chapel!

Closed Concert

Please pray for the hearts of these young men and women as the LGS Band rocks them in the arms of Jesus on October 7th. Pray for their hearts to open to Jesus, and that the Lord lift the veil from their eyes, in the name of Jesus, Amen!


Long Creek - LGS Concert in the Chapel!

Long Creek Youth Development

The LGS Band is going in for morning chapel on July 1st! Me, John Lafollette, Jeff Taylor (bass) and Roger Cusson on drums. Welcome ROGER!

Please pray for young hearts to Christ and for the guards, all unbelievers, Holy Spirit lift the veil! Thy will be done. L


Long Creek Youth Development Center

Not Open to the Public

Folks, even though most people cannot attend this event in person, please pray for open hearts to Christ for these incarcerated young people. My band of musicians and I will rock their socks of on this Saturday's morning hoping to instill the hope of the Jesus's love in to their hearts.


Lisa Gallant Seal - Closed Concert

Long Creek Correctional Center

Please pray for these young people, that their hearts turn to Jesus Christ - pray also for the guards, all employees, the Chaplain and all volunteers!


Lisa Gallant Seal

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Salvation Army Mens Recovery Center, Preble Street, Portland, Maine

Private Concert - Recovery - Please pray for hearts to receive Christ. L

Lisa Gallant Seal @The Stable Coffee House

The Stable Coffee House, 128 Gorham Street (Rt 3A), East Chelmsford, Mass

The Stable Coffee House presents Lisa Gallant Seal: New England songwriter performing her own songs accompanied by her life stories. Lisa’s concert song topics range from struggling in alcoholism and drug addiction to being His light in a fallen world, the struggles and expectations after becoming a born again Christian, experiencing personal change in Christ, learning the depth of God’s unconditional love.

The Stable Coffeehouse is located at: Matthews Memorial Church 128 Gorham Street (Route 3A) East Chelmsford, MA 01824



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Saturday night 8/17 @ 7 P.M. CST.

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