God has brought many amazingly talented musicians into my life over the years. Some became good friends and music partners and etched their signature within the songs and on my heart. I will be forever grateful for them and thank the Lord for being so generous with such treasure.  

Today, as of 2022 the band of musicians include, guitarist, Shawn Losier, bassist, Jeff Taylor and drummer, Wendell White.

Together, we hope to bring Hope to the stage by sharing our faith and testimony through our God given gifts and talents.

For more information and booking, contact Shawn Losier at 207 838 4663 or LGS at 207 217 8525



Shawn Losier

Hi Everyone,

My name is Shawn Losier and I want to thank you for reading my Bio!

I started playing guitar at a very early age. At first, I used to sit there for hours just making noise and strumming and trying to figure it out. You could say that I was fascinated. My mother played bluegrass and country acoustic guitar and I would watch her and try to play the chords. When I was in elementary school they offered guitar lessons. So my mother bought me a Les Paul copy and that’s where it really started. 

Though out my junior and high school days I played with several different bands that me and friends formed. We played school dances, parties, and high school band competitions like the “Rock Off”. After high school I started playing the Portland club scene with two to three bands at a time so that was always playing, in most occasions, it was every night of the week. At that same time, I had also landed a job at Daddy’s Junky Music selling musical instruments and doing what I loved, Music. It was the lifestyle I was so after. But as you might expect, that lifestyle is full of drinking and drugs, not to mention everything that goes along with that. I got burned out, strung out, and disconnected from the music that I so loved as a youth, so I left the business to start a career in Real Estate.

 I had always believed in God but that’s where it stopped. Pretty much I was only interested in myself, making money, and collecting worldly possessions. One day it all came crashing down and I mean hard! I fell into a constant state of panic to the point that it wouldn’t shut off. I couldn’t eat or drink without feeling I was going to choke and die. And as far as sleep, there was little to none, I couldn’t sleep without waking up screaming. This went on for over three months! I was out of work, had no money, big bills, and losing everything.

What changed it all is pretty amazing! I happened to be driving by a Church in my neighborhood and felt like I had to go and see what it was all about. It was so compelling that I believe to this day It was a message from God. A part of me was fighting it and trying to convince myself that I was crazy for even thinking it. The next day I had three inexplicable events in a row that happened that were not a coincidence whatsoever. Never could this have happened the way it did without God placing it right in front of me to see for myself. I ended up going to Church that Sunday and that is where my life changed. God saved me from me and continues to do so to this day! I have been Blessed by his Grace!

There is a lot more to my testimony and I’d love to share it fully with you personally if you have any interest, just let me know. This is a watered-down version due to the space I have. The band asked me for my musical bio but that says nothing about who I am today so I wrote this. I am excited to be playing again and with COB. The reason I get to do this is that God placed me here to use the talents He has given me. I hope and Pray, that what we do helps others who feel lost like I did and find their way in God’s love.  No matter how you feel right now, YOU are not ALONE!

God Bless You All!


Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor, bassist and music producer from central Maine found his love for music as a young boy of just fourteen years old. Jeff played trombone and continued his quest with the bass guitar as he went on to study music at the University on Maine in Augusta. 

No stranger to the jazz scene, a genre where both he and Gallant Seal were first introduced (early 80's), Jeff had the opportunity to join some of Maine's best jazz men and quickly measured up as one of them. During this time Jeff was also active in the Christain rock music scene, playing with various groups such as the pioneering Maine Christian band, Salt and toured with the band Lota all the way to the Ukraine. This bassist, a sought-after player, is as much a gentleman and one after God's own heart. 

Fast forward to 2017, where Taylor meets up with Gallant Seal once again to tour with her music ministry band at that time and now in 2022 this talented and well-seasoned bassist once again shares the platform with the LGS Band, hoping to break hearts for Jesus Christ with his musical gifts and talent.   

Jeff Taylor also dabbles in music production and engineering, building and operating a home studio where he enjoys mixing his talents up in song writing, production and recording.