Many amazingly talented musicians have been, it seems, “called” to partner in different LGS musical projects over the span of her musical career.  In live concerts and recordings, they have etched their signature sound in the songs and upon her heart. Forever grateful for them, the artist gives all the glory to the Lord for being so generous with such treasure.  “Why players would give their time and talents to me, and my material can only be that the Lord provided them at the perfect times in the different seasons of my musical journey”, says Lisa, “a few of the relationships built were long term partnerships, bringing those "goose bump" musical connections and memories I cherish. A few I know I will be seeing again one day in heaven".

Today, as of 2024 the band of musicians include, guitarist, Shawn Losier, bassist, Jeff Taylor.

“Our hope is to bring the witness of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ by sharing our faith and testimony through our God given musical gifts and talents.” ~ LGS

For more information and booking, contact Shawn Losier at 207 838 4663 or LGS at 207 217 8525



Shawn Losier


Shawn Losier, lead guitarist and manager of the LGS Music Ministry started playing guitar at a very early age. Self-taught, he recalls sitting for hours just making noise and strumming the strings.  Learning much through watching his mother play bluegrass and country on her acoustic guitar, as a young boy the electric guitar fascinated him, and once his mom gifted him with a Les Paul (copy) he and his instrument were connected at the hip. 

Playing in several different bands during his high school years, friendships were formed, and music was his focus … school dances, parties, high school band competitions became his weekly activity.  Shawn loved music yet the lifestyle of a young rock guitarist took him to the dark places of drinking and drugs and all of the insanity that goes along with those choices. Burned out, strung out, and disconnected from the music that he loved as a youth, Shawn eventually left the business to start a career in Real Estate.

The player met God; self-centered and fervently focused on collecting worldly possessions, Shawn believed in God but that’s where it stopped. Thankfully God brought him to a place where it all came to a crashing halt and great panic set in, the kind one cannot just shut off, he felt doomed. 

Then everything changed. One day during this struggling time Shawn happened to be driving past a church in his neighborhood and felt a tug to “go in”. That “tug” was compelling, and Shawn knows now it was the Holy Spirit. 

The next day, three inexplicable events happened, not being a coincidence and brought Shawn into Church that Sunday and completely changing his life forever!  “God saved me from me and continues to do so to this day! I have been Blessed by his Grace!” exclaims the artist. 

Losier knows that since his conversion, God calls him in to use the talents He has been given to show people the love of Jesus Christ. His hope is that someone who feels lost, as he did, find their way to God’s love and reaches a place knowing that no matter the feeling of the moment, in Christ they are not alone!



Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor, bassist and music producer from central Maine found his love for music as a young boy of just fourteen years old. Jeff played trombone and continued his quest with the bass guitar as he went on to study music at the University on Maine in Augusta. 

No stranger to the jazz scene, a genre where both he and Gallant Seal were first introduced in the early 80's, Jeff had the opportunity to join some of Maine's best jazz men and quickly measured up as one of them. During this time Jeff was also active in the Christain rock music scene, playing with various groups such as the pioneering Maine Christian band, Salt and toured with the band Lota all the way to the Ukraine. This bassist is a sought-after player, a gentleman and clearly a man after God's own heart. 

Taylor and Gallant Seal have a long musical history and thankfully they are once again ministering from the platform with the LGS Band hoping to win hearts for Jesus Christ.   

Jeff Taylor also dabbles in music production and engineering, building and operating a home studio where he enjoys mixing his talents up in song writing, production and recording. Jeff has three children and is newly married to his wife, Nicole Taylor. They live in central Maine.