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Growing in 2021 / Flower  

It is easy to talk about growing spiritually, but the process ... that is a different story. I have been a Christian since the mid 90's, you would think I would be in full bloom by now and that is just it, I have been in full bloom and then the Lord prunes me. Did you know pruning is essential for growth? When I wrote the song Flower notice I was in "sprout" mode, sprouting from the ground. I didn't have my stem or wear my peddles, but I knew I would because after I received Jesus I was immediately infused into an "inherited" hope when I was born again and given a new life. 

How about you? Where are you in the growth process? Are you a seed under the surface awaiting the Lord's Holy Spirit to call you up out of the darkness? Are you the watered seed beginning to sprout, or the sprouting flower with but a stem? Wherever you are, I encourage you to go to God with it, be it praises, petition or to sit still in His loving arms. Remember with out Christ we are nothing but a bunch of tumbleweeds blowing across the desert, love ya, L

PS: call me old fashioned but this recording gives me chills with Lafollette and his authentic guitar sound along with Mugabe and Pelchat holding it all together. There is nothing like that old time bluesy rock and roll!

Humbled / Fish Out of Water  


First of all, thank you John Lafollette for editing and posting this awesome video of Fish Out of Water! It was such a blessing to play my original songs with high caliber players such as John, Gerry Lapage and Mike Squier, electrifying for sure. And at Biddeford Public Access TV studio our sound man, Neal Conant and their engineer worked so well together to get us the great audio and video produced. Thanks guys! 

Second, hello friends! I hope, in this "covid confusion" and unsettling times in the world and within our church, that I am finding you in God's Word daily and full of the Great Hope Who IS with us always. 

"I want maturity" keeps coming to my mind as I listen to this song. I wrote Fish Out of Water years ago and before it was written I remember asking the Lord over and over for maturity. Well, it has been a long time coming and I want to share that spiritual maturity did not come until I sought the Lord through His precious Word. In the last several months I have been studying with good, truth seeking women in the Word and it has changed me and continues to change me daily. Thank you God that I am reaping what was loosed onto my heart all those years ago as I was writing this song! 

Be sure to watch the live video of this song FISH OUT OF WATER (VIDEO LINK). "Fish" is such a great song and example of what I would go through on a daily basis as a new Christian. IAs I read the Bible I would "try" to make sense out of Scripture. Most of the time though, if I could not wrap my head around what God was saying, I just read through it, moving on to something that I could understand. Like Paul’s message in Romans 7:14-25 , yeah, I struggled through that piece of Scripture for sure, but each time I revisited and I read through it again, I understood it a little more. Once I fully understood what Paul was saying, BAM, God gave me the song Fish Out of Water to write!  

This song, although written years ago continues to teach, encourage and lift me up. It is a prayer in my head at times, the lyric flowing through my mind in moments of conviction, times when I need to know how much God loves me even when I fall, which by the way is every day ... you?  

Only in Jesus Christ can we, as His people, know what wretches we are and at the same time smile wide at His brilliant plan in saving our souls from eternal hell.  

So, yeah, I am humbled. The more I know Jesus through reading His precious Word the more I learn how much I love and need Him.  

Merry Christmas everybody! L 


Pinch Me! / Heavens Way 

My friend and former lead guitar player, John Lafollette posted the video of us playing Heaven's Way on Biddeford Public Access TV (a few years back) . Those were good days. The band in the video was on fire and we worked very hard and had a lot of fun. As I was watching it I had that "I need to be PINCHED!" feeling. It's living a dream really, and one I've lived for years.

Watching the video brought me to a place of humility, reverence and thankfulness that God has given me, many times over, the perfect means to write and sing songs for Him with massively talented musicians joining me, creative guys willing and eager to play.

Now that I am older and looking back over my musical "career" all I can do is BRAG on the Lord! My earthly father would often say "don't quit your real job". My heavenly Father encourages my gifts in giving me blessing after blessing when I partake and serve in it.

HEAVENS WAY tells us that Jesus Christ has won the battle of good and evil, I believe we are in the aftermath ... satan's body still writhing and for some reason the Lord is allowing him to have his way in many situations here on earth. Why? The song asks this too. Some things will not be revealed until we see Him face to face.

My friend John Lafollette (lead guitar in the video above) and I played together for a over a decade. He now lives in Las Vegas with his sweet wife Jamie and son Adam. This guy is the second musician that God put in my life to bless me over and over again. John was a mainstay for years and besides a most excellent guitar player, John has been my friend and a huge supporter and teacher to me as a writer and a musician.

At the moment, John is fighting bladder cancer. I am convinced he will win. Please pray for John, that God heals the cancer in his bladder ... miracle, chemo, radiation or surgery ... whatever God decides to use.

All is good in the Lord, every last thing, amen. L

Are You Down? / Face Flat Down  

Hello Friends!  Yes, it's yours truly checking in. How are you doing after this crazy summer of isolation? Are you down these days with all that is going on? Are you "down" with it? I suppose that is an old expression, but seriously, how are you doing in such troubling circumstances?

There have been so many changes in the past few months it seems surreal. Politically, culturally and relationally our "normal" has shifted. The question I am asking is are you "face flat down" before God in these times?

Where do you go when you get scared? How do you deal with the unknown that lurks around every corner? What do you do with loneliness, anger, resentment?

These are good questions and ones I think we should be asking each other on a regular basis ... because God tells us to.

My song, Face Flat Down really says it all on this subject. I didn't like writing Face Flat Down way back when, at least not the part where it says I have a "predators heart" but I didn't really know the extent of my dark heart when I wrote the song, really, who seeks to truly know their own heart? The good news is the more I learned about wretched self, the more powerful the Gospel becomes for me.

Face Flat Down is about a young little Christian asking really good questions,  will you join me?

Love ya friends, enjoy the song. Feel free to share this post with a friend! Over and out, L.


Fish Out of Water

Am I listening? Do I have capacity? I want maturity, who could love the likes of me? I glistening because I know I'm Yours. I'm a fish out of water a young bird falling from a tree!” - lgs

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