This artist is a challenge and a blessing to all of her listeners. A rare and sought out combination, Lisa has talent and integrity and an endless supply of courage to tell her story on her terms. ”

— Darren Elder - Halo Records

Thought Provoking Music

Raw, gravelly and soulful is the sound best describing Lisa Gallant Seal, a Christian singer/songwriter and worship leader. Thought provoking lyrics with a gutsy acoustic guitar style leaves her audience captivated and wanting to hear more.




 Lisa Gallant Seal brings a unique feel to the stage with a refreshingly “keep it real” way of song writing and delivery. The stories behind the her songs cover subject dealing with alcoholism, surviving cancer, growing in Christ, evangelizing and more. You will find Lisa and the LGS Band in small intimate settings such as local coffee houses, house concerts, conferences and worship gatherings as well as the larger concert stage appearances. 

Combine a good song, passionate voice and a transparent vulnerability and you have Lisa Gallant Seal. She brings her audience a night full of songs and stories about personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the people He puts in her path.

Lisa has been involved with various worship teams and events throughout her walk with Christ and offers music worship consulting and training.


Inheriting a love for lyrical expression and music from both parents, Lisa started playing guitar and writing songs at young age. "I realized my ability to put words to music when I was around fourteen and it helped me cope, it helped me feel", shares the artist, "when I shared my feelings through the songs others would identify and an intimate connection was made." As a Christian artist Gallant Seal pays it forward, the things the Lord has done for her she strives to give back with a childlike excitement. Lisa continues, "I can tell my story through songs and reveal His unfailing love and the power to transform our lives; to me, there is nothing more satisfying."

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