From the recording Changing My Direction

The story behind this song is the testimony of a new Christian beginning to understand that after accepting Jesus, things begin to change … in a big way. But God does not give us more than we can handle (in Him we can do all things). If you know of anybody who is questioning their faith and wondering if they truly have experienced a “new life” change in Christ, have them listen to this song. Changing Direction is what I believe starts to happen once we take the plunge and accept Jesus into our hearts. We no longer belong to ourselves (like we ever really did), we belong to Christ. Just relax and hang on for the ride!


Changing Direction by lgs

My love for you grows stronger, stronger every day.
I find that it’s all true, everything that you say.
To think that all I have to do is kneel down and ask You.
I’m changing my direction I walk towards the Way.

I’m changing my direction.

Looking back I sit on hindsight
Every inch of me is Yours.
I find myself rejecting things I think I want more of.
Sin is sin, how deep I’m in, I’m ready for You Lord., Take me, change me, squeeze me through the skinny door!

I’m changing my direction.
Rearranging my mind
I leave behind good friends
of mine, looking toward the Resurrection .. the Truth, the Way, the Lion of the Tribe.

Holy Spirit You’re my driver, I want to throw away the key.
With you I can survive her, I can get through anything.
Lead me in and close the door,
surround me with Your Word and more, I’m afraid that I’m not worthy, but You keep telling me I’m free!