1. 06-The-Window

The Window is so much more than a song.

Thinking back, I see God all over it, yet I did not even know Him at the time I wrote it. I was going through cancer treatment (1992), balder than a cue ball and attending a support group focused on dealing with dying and or chronic disease. The group was great, I knew some of them through Alcoholics Anonymous. As soon as I wrote the song I brought it to the group to share, I had, what I call … “new song-i-tis” hee hee hee. They indulged me and before I began, I set the stage and told them the story behind the song.

I THOUGHT then, it was about a lonely person peering out at another through their window, in a big city somewhere, like Boston. This person was a bit of a recluse and kept wondering if the one across the way might be game to get together. I remember thinking the idea of the song was so intriguing. After I sang it to my group you could have heard a pin drop and it wasn’t because of the song. They were shocked that I could not see the connection to my own emotional situation and the song, that I know now, the Lord wrote across my heart.

Fast forward ten years, note that the Window song was long forgotten as far as I was concerned but then out of the blue the Holy Spirit is on me to get the song out of the archives and use it for a concert. At this point I am a born again Christian giving ministry concerts. The stories behind the songs I was writing were deep and intimate, clearly displaying God’s hand over my life. When He told me to bring The Window back and sing it at a church, I was baffled and argued with Him. I said, “Lord, really? The “clothes down to my knees” line will not fly in that crowd” I cringed at the thought of singing the song. I am laughing as I write this. The Lord won, I went to dig up the song from an old recording and by the time I listened, learned it again and practiced it … I was on my knees, drowning in grateful tears of God’s revelation into my heart.

I had no idea, when I wrote the song that it was about myself trying to connect with my own feelings. My friends knew it, but I could not take it in at the time. I continue to struggle with such things today. Yeah, I know, if you see me in concert I seem to have it all together in the "feeling my feelings" department. But get me in front of someone close to me, some one with whom I am vulnerable and it is a different story.

This story is but confirmation that after being born again, it's about getting younger.

Can you relate? I would love to hear your heart! Please share.



I saw you standing in the window, did you know that I was there?
I was watching how your hair goes, trying not to stare.

This world, it is so crazy. I’m scared of my own shadow sometimes.
You look like you could maybe ... be a friend of mine.

Could you be a friend?

It gets a little lonely out here on my own,
I lost a man about a year ago.
He was drunk and he got crazy and he hit me down.
And a wind took him,
a strong wind took him.

So I’m standing in the window.
I’ve got my clothes down to my knees.
I was looking for you to see me, but you were nowhere to be seen.
You were nowhere.

So where do you go when I find that you’re not at home?
Is there someone in your life or are you alone?
Would you answer my questions if you could hear me?
And could you hear me or would a strong wind take you?

I see you standing in the window, you have a smile upon your face.
I quickly crouched down and peeked out from beneath the sill,
I was looking for a woman, but you were standing still.

You were looking out my way and saw me crouched beneath the sill.