Crying Out to You LGS
capo 5/ 88 beats verse G-cheat D Em-C-G-cheat D Chorus G-D-Em-C Bridge C2-cheat D-G-C2

Verse 1
Tell me, tell me what there is to know
Have me hear it or have me let it go
Is it my voice or am I hearing You
Please Father tell me what to do

Verse 2
Have I emptied all my bag of tricks?
Am I coming from my heart or am I coming from my wit?
I’m so tired that I’m blinded, and I need to be reminded
In the world I’ll grow weary but this is not my theory!

Father tell me what to do, give me things to say.
I want to learn to move exactly in your way.
God I am so thirsty but I won’t drink from the well.
Something has deserted me, is it my own self I can‘t tell?

Lord, I’m crying, I’m crying to You, Lord I’m crying, I’m crying to You, Lord I’m crying...

Tell me, tell me can I ever do
all the things I think You need me to.
And if I’m thinking backwards, make me stand
And do nothing else but take your hand!

I will guide Your sheep and watch over them
Lord You know I’m weak, help me master my own sin
cleanse my soul, renew me, send fresh water through me.
Quiet my mind and clue me, Lord tell me what to do!