From the recording Cotton Candy Wind

Cotton Candy Wind
Written by Lisa Gallant Seal
Produced by Halo Records


Cotton Candy Wind

I feel that cotton candy wind
Up against my face again.
Is it just another color stroke
Across my pages?
I sit in expectation, like any child full and wild. I’m waiting for more fruit to fall, sweet, sweet fragrance.

I—am Your daughter!
I am a princess riding,
My eyes are on You!

And they are bound to water
When I think of the things I cannot see. My life is not in order and I give it all to You my King.
I’m restless and wanting. And I give it all to You my King.

I want to see the things
I cannot see.
I want to see Your angel
Surrounding me.
Glory to glory, lift me higher!

My leg is pressed up against the saddle. My horse is strong and he has no fear.
I’m Your warrior in battle.
But teach me how to meet You here.

I’m restless and I’m wanting,
and I give it all to You my King!