Often compared with Melissa Etheridge because of her gritty, soulful vocals and percussion guitar style, Lisa Gallant Seal brings her own unique feel to the stage with a refreshingly “keep it real” way of song writing and delivery. You will find her and the LGS Band in small intimate settings such as local coffee houses, house concerts, conferences and worship gatherings as well as the larger concert stage appearances.

Lisa is not unfamiliar with the worship platform in her local church having been involved with various worship teams and events throughout her walk with Christ.

"This artist is a challenge and a blessing to all of her listeners. A rare and sought out combination, Lisa has talent and integrity and an endless supply of courage to tell her story on her terms.”           Darren Elder–The Wrecking



Inheriting a love for lyrical expression and music from both parents, Lisa’s natural talents helped her cope with growing up in a troubled home. She found comfort in her ability to put feelings to song. 

"As a kid I survived my parent's alcoholism, divorce, and my mom's sex and love addiction. I realized my ability to put words to music when I was around fourteen and it helped me cope, it helped me feel. When I shared my feelings through songs, others would identify and an intimate connection was made."       ~ lgs

Struggling with drugs and alcohol, the artist took her music more seriously after getting clean and sober in 1988. A bout with cancer in 1993 moved her to forming a band and taking her original songs to the test. With a promising local following and serious interest from the music industry, Gallant Seal traveled much with her band, The Brotherhood Dogs between 1994 and 2004.

Her career took another turn in 1994 when she devoted her music to Christ alone. And all is His-story from there.

 "All things changed in the mid-nineties when I asked Christ into my heart. Intimacy with Jesus is second to none. The secular music industry waned compared to sharing about Christ to an unsaved world. As it is with most people, I wanted to talk about the One I loved, Jesus. Though I was shy about it at first, my guitar, voice and songs helped me step out of the shadows" says the artist.

A well written song coming directly from the heart will always have an impact. Add a soul filled, passionate voice, a big sounding acoustic guitar with a transparent delivery and you have Lisa Gallant Seal, a local treasure often referred to as one of God's best kept secrets.


 Lisa and her husband Butch Seal have been married for 26 years in 2019. Living in rural, western Maine, they enjoy a small backyard farm where they garden and care for their flock of Bantam Chickens, two dogs and a Bengal cat. Together, they enjoy serving the church, being with their animals and taking time on the road with motorcycle excursions. Butch has three adult children, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.


LGS Productions

New Song—2003
Solo at Studio 19—2006
Changing Direction, Halo Records—2012
Live Concerts TBA - Join mailing list for updates 2016
Contemporary Worship Leader 2012 - Present