Wonderful Maker

Wonderful Maker – Song of the Month: MARCH 2019 

Hello! I hope to find you listening to the March song, Wonderful Maker, with a knowing expectation that the Lord is for you and never against you; and that He knows you more than you will ever know yourself! 

I love that this song was birthed directly out of the Bible in Psalm 139. It was recorded at Dan Merrill’s studio, Studio 19 in Portland Maine with Dan, Dawn Torres and Lise Roseberry lending the backing vocals. Their performance unquestionably reveals my heart’s passion when I wrote it. And listening to it stirs me to want to know Jesus more. I pray that this happens for you as well. 

Psalm 139 is special to me, specifically verses 23 and 24. Only in Jesus’s world would an individual continue to want to know Him more despite that in that process there is no escaping how horrible they are. Who wants that? 

I want that. If you are reading this and don’t know Jesus ... keep reading! 

Asking Jesus to continue to search me and test me and lead me is scary. At times getting deeper with Him is extremely difficult, un-nerving, it can be lonely and depressing, most definitely NOT for the faint hearted. Yet on the other side of that, knowing He wove me in my mother’s womb, sees every move I make and that there is no where I can go to escape His love … well, that is exhilarating. Jesus is committed, In fact He is the ONLY one we can trust to never leave us. Once we received His gift of eternal life, we are His, there is no going back, there is nowhere to go, like the song says. 

What are you feeling after listening to this song? Comforted, convicted, confused? I encourage you to share your thoughts, if not here on this page, send me an email, or a text, let’s have a conversation about Jesus’s love.

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