Thanks - VIctory Church 

Hello friends! Lisa here checking in after the concert last Saturday night at the Victory Church in Livermore, Maine. The night was confirming in that the Lord is at the helm and I am once again glad to be His humbled servant. I delight in the gifts that He gives me and the means put it forth.

The concert ended with the sweet and peace-filled essence of the Holy Spirit as we, all 20 something of us, stood together and worshiped Him at the end of our set with a song called Home by Casting Crowns. The song was written out of Psalm 23:4 and is more of a prayer. The audience, sitting in the back row of the church, accepted my coaxing and came up to the front to worship and by the end of it we were all singing to the Lord in unison. It was the kind of moment only the Holy Spirit could bring about.That moment had me thinking of how much I miss leading the body in worship, as it has been since this past February that I had stepped down for a season. Maybe, we will do a little more worship at Holy Grounds, in December, yes? 

The sound was great, my new guitar rocked out and Eric, was, well Eric, having fun in his cool and fun loving demeanor. Charles was engulfed in a plastic paneled drum screen and the separation made it difficult to groove. Before the concert, while setting up, we all liked it and joked that Charles had his own office up on stage but it did effect us. It was hard to connect musically and emotionally with the barrier. We moved through and learned some things, like Charles will not be in a "fish bowl" ever again, at least at an LGS concert, ha ha ha!

Justin Teixeira, with The Way Productions was awesome, he and his wife were graciously on task as our hosts. Juniper did a great job and Scott Verrill, the Pastor at VIctory worked the sound for us, a pastor working the sound? Pretty cool ...  it was a good night.

Thank you for having us Victory Church!

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