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Hey all, LGS checking in after the Holy Grounds Concert this past Saturday night! What a beautiful set up, all the trimmings, the Christmas music, food, special cookies, great coffee, lattes and more! Wow, it was the coolest night, me and the guys had a blast.

Clayfoot did an awesome job opening for us, they were real professionals and rocked a sweet sound for Jesus.

I hold a longing in my heart to see more of these "in the church" coffee house events operating in the New England area.

Few Churches understand the impact for spreading the truth for Christ in a well planned hospitality event like the one we were a part of last night. And, as a church gathers together to put something like this on, ministry happens in the hearts of those preparing and helping, as well as the ones who come to see the show! It is a win, win for sure.

This past Saturday night at Holy Grounds Coffee House was a special night, the Holy Spirit was there, there is no doubt about that and He was speaking to every one of us in one way or another. The band and I were delighted with the turnout. The folks were all ears, politely listening to the stories behind my songs (hee hee hee) and joining in on the worship too!

If you didn't make it, there is always June 2020 and then of course, next Christmas!!! Ho ho ho!

I left a little SONG GIFT for ya below called Changing Direction, I think this is still on the "local music" spin on  Worship FM  ... call in and request it!

PS - COFFEE HOUSE MINISTRY : If you have any questions or seek assistance on putting on one of these events please contact LGS Music/The Way Cafe Ministries, we would love to help!


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