NEW SONG Flower 2019 

It sounds so cool, to say "New Release", especially to me because it has been WAY too long since I have been in the recording studio. Yet, me and the guys had an opportunity to record a few songs with lead guitarist, John Lafollette before he left for Texas back in the spring.

I hope you enjoy!

Flower is a song I wrote as a young Christian. I hadn’t read the Bible, not all of it. But as the Lord’s budding minstrel, He would often speak with me in song writing. We would sit together, and the Holy Spirit would download lyric and melody into my heart, and not only would a good song be written but my heart and mind would be strengthened in getting to know God more.   

As I penned this bluesy little tune, I was starting to grasp how fragile my life was and that me, in myself was nothing. I knew from the moment I believed Jesus was who He said He was, that I was in the beginning stages of walking in a brand-new life. I wasn’t “changed”, I was brand new; a flower, sprouting, no stem, no peddles, but I knew I would have them and I continue to bloom. L

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