Humbled / Fish Out of Water 


First of all, thank you John Lafollette for editing and posting this awesome video of Fish Out of Water! It was such a blessing to play my original songs with high caliber players such as John, Gerry Lapage and Mike Squier, electrifying for sure. And at Biddeford Public Access TV studio our sound man, Neal Conant and their engineer worked so well together to get us the great audio and video produced. Thanks guys! 

Second, hello friends! I hope, in this "covid confusion" and unsettling times in the world and within our church, that I am finding you in God's Word daily and full of the Great Hope Who IS with us always. 

"I want maturity" keeps coming to my mind as I listen to this song. I wrote Fish Out of Water years ago and before it was written I remember asking the Lord over and over for maturity. Well, it has been a long time coming and I want to share that spiritual maturity did not come until I sought the Lord through His precious Word. In the last several months I have been studying with good, truth seeking women in the Word and it has changed me and continues to change me daily. Thank you God that I am reaping what was loosed onto my heart all those years ago as I was writing this song! 

Be sure to watch the live video of this song FISH OUT OF WATER (VIDEO LINK). "Fish" is such a great song and example of what I would go through on a daily basis as a new Christian. IAs I read the Bible I would "try" to make sense out of Scripture. Most of the time though, if I could not wrap my head around what God was saying, I just read through it, moving on to something that I could understand. Like Paul’s message in Romans 7:14-25 , yeah, I struggled through that piece of Scripture for sure, but each time I revisited and I read through it again, I understood it a little more. Once I fully understood what Paul was saying, BAM, God gave me the song Fish Out of Water to write!  

This song, although written years ago continues to teach, encourage and lift me up. It is a prayer in my head at times, the lyric flowing through my mind in moments of conviction, times when I need to know how much God loves me even when I fall, which by the way is every day ... you?  

Only in Jesus Christ can we, as His people, know what wretches we are and at the same time smile wide at His brilliant plan in saving our souls from eternal hell.  

So, yeah, I am humbled. The more I know Jesus through reading His precious Word the more I learn how much I love and need Him.  

Merry Christmas everybody! L 


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