John Lafollette, the lead guitar player for my band, LGS Band and his family will be leaving for Texas in the middle of April. He will be missed by many people, his close friends, his fans and the local music scene. We all will be lacking that "awe" kind of feeling at a local event when we get to witness a player like John. The first thought is always "why isn't this guy famous?"

A military kid, John learned how to play guitar and I have thanked the Lord for that many times.

He is one of God's best kept secrets, humble, wise and willing to serve the Lord with his musical gifts and beyond. I am featuring the song FLOWER this month because of the recording is a recent bootleg recording with John Lafollette on it doing what he does best. John and I never did get to make a studio recording together, but SO WHAT if he is in TEXAS, the Lord could still make that happen! Jeff Taylor made this bootleg recording happen, what a great guy he is.

I will confess, I hide behind the music, always have. As a kid I would sit behind my guitar and sing, I was shy but not when I was singing and playing my songs. People would like me because I did it well. I have been told, by some, that they prefer to hear me solo, "dialed down" but that scares me. I like the big sound so I can hide ... not to mention it is THE most exhilarating feeling to be playing my songs with the likes of musicians such as John Lafollette and my rhythm section, Charles Mugabe and Eric Pelchat. John Lafollette has often said "I think your music is the most powerful in the lesser of things, when your all by yourself." And I would say, "oh be quiet John!"

I am going miss John Lafollette, thank you Lord for the time you lent him to me! Please be praying for John, Jamie and Adam, change is scary for all of us.




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