Heaven's Way words and music by Lisa Gallant Seal

Stars can't refuse to shine
The ocean moves in perfect time
Babies cry just to get their way
New love dies, but True Love stays
Heaven's gonna have its way

A trusting heart, suspicious mind
make up parts of the human kind
Just look in the mirror at your own design
There ain't no denying

Heaven's gonna have its way 4x

Why is there so much hate in the world,
the war, the sickness and the famine?
Why does God do bad things to little boys and little girls?
Well, let's examine ...
There once was an angel who had it all
and in his pride he did wallow
And out to the Heavens he began to fall
a legion of angels, they followed
But God said "my people ain't no puppets on a string,
they love Me with all of their hearts and they sing, sing sing!"

Heaven's gonna have its way! 4x

Now honey don't you worry if you don't get what I'm sayin'
just get down on your knees, start speaking and praying
Ask Him to show you His love for you now, repent of your sins say it out loud
Who's gonna hear ya, except the One Who is beside you?
You've nothing to fear with His Spirit to guide you!

Heaven's gonna have its way! 4x