1. Oh Cinderella

Written and performed by Lisa Gallant Seal
Recorded by John Miller


Little sister when you coming home? Your looking tired, you look alone.
Your hiding place is hard and mean, so you scramble back to the ugly scene.
Generations burn lay in the dust, no sin unturned how could you have ever trusted those empty eyes up in your face? Your wanting heart falls out of place.

Oh Cinderella clean the attic girl, clean the cellar
Oh Cinderella, you weren’t meant to be the girl you think you see.

This ain’t no fairytale, not when you were small. The love was weak, the orders tall and your momma sees not much at all.
Oh Cinderella ...
Babies having babies now, you loved him and you took your vow. No man could ever shine his light, so you lay at home night after night.
Keep it clean the needles dirty, the façade the scene, so not pretty. He’s breathing death, steady knocking. Holding down, lying, mocking.
Girl, your love light’s dim. But that doesn’t matter to Him. When ya comin home little sister? When you coming home Cinderella? When you coming home?
Oh Cinderella ...
Dance, dance little sista, dance around His Tree of Life, when ya comin home? He is your Father and He wants to make it right!
When ya comin home? When ya coming home girl? When ya comin home?