Let Me In is a song the Lord was writing to me before I knew Him. I thought I was writing it to myself as I was healing from "mother wounds" in the therapy chair ... but years later I learned it was Jesus wooing me into relationship with Him. Spectacular song, and one I will cherish forever and beyond! ~ lgs


Let Me In LGS

capo 7 103 beats
Verse C-G-Am-Em Bridge Em-D-Em-C-Em-D-C Chorus G-D-Am-G-D-C...G-D-Am-G-d-Em-C-Em-D

Verse 1
Let me in, I want to see that behind the scene smile
Allow me to catch a piece, catch a piece of you for a while, just a little while
Let me in, I will know when it is time for me to go
“Cause you and me baby, we sailed our ships on the same blue green sea you know

And in that blue-green sea I saw you drowning, it was like a mirror,
I could see my face. I saw the dorsal fin, the great white’s were surrounding
You grabbed my hand and I pulled you in.

Verse 2
At first it was a robin, she took me flying, when I was only 6 years old.
She told me a story, I started crying, I clenched my fists and I hit the road.
I said let me in! I’m cold and weary, i’m looking for my mother, I’m looking for her wing. But she was out flying searching for her eagle, so I continued, I continued to sing!

When I called out her name, she didn’t look back at me.
I felt a cold sharp wind as I was singing let me in.
I shouted mother, mother, why won’t you let me in?
But she was too far away and that was the robin’s story.

Let me in, please baby won’t you let me in, together we won’t have to worry.
Let me in, please baby won’t you let me in, I want to listen to your story.
I am listening!

This big black guitar and the little white dove, she sets me free, she lets me fly!
I will continue to listen to the Spirit and take whats given to me, I’m gonna take what’s mine!

I hear the melody, I feel the vibration, the guitar she’s good to me, she let’s me fly!
I remember when we met, I felt the first sensation, I knew then my limit was the sky!