Changing Direction 


Changing Direction is a timeless song because it is about God, and He is timeless. For me, in the song writing process, I am many times taken back by the lyric and the way it all comes together so quickly. It is as if God speaks the songs into my heart, not literally, but the lyric and melody come together seamlessly, I respond, I write and play and then it is done. Sometimes I weep, feeling grateful, Spirit filled. Changing is my story and I am sure others can relate. :)

After I committed my life to Jesus Christ I began to change, change direction. I was no longer the same person, my friends and family thought I'd gone "off the deep end" and strangely that didn't matter to me anymore.


One of the first indications of my conversion was that I didn't want to use God's name in vain. Every time I swore, using His name, it felt wrong. It was not a head thing, like I read the commandments and was trying to "obey", it was a heart thing and I felt convicted. Then swearing in general started to bother me, lying, gossip ... as the songs says, I started to "change direction".

Changing is one of my favorite songs, it is deep and haunting, yet interestingly, it leaves me feeling peaceful and gives me hope.

I hope you like it. Love, L

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