An Old Song for a New Day - "DIsciple"  

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DISCIPLE - an old song for a new day.



Hello friends and happy "February is soon to be gone day" ha ha!. Really, how easy has this winter been! I am thankful and do welcome the spring storms, for they cover us, yes but then melt away fast! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, for reading these emails and passing them along. And a big welcome to first time e-mailing list members!

In this send I bring to you an old song for a new day, the Disciple song is one I wrote many years ago yet the Lord once again for a it up for a new revelation. This is not the first song God has used to teach me twice, to show me His almighty wisdom, mercy and grace.

As of recently I have come to the understanding of how weak my own

I have talked about this at my concerts, how although is so apparent to me that the Holy Spirit would spoon feed me a song because all of the so ... when a song like Disciple is written, as in any song that I finish, I do not think much about writing it as I am writing it. Does that make any sense? It doesn't take a lot of time to write it and most often I don't know what it is really about until years later.

Don't get me wrong, the song has Psalm 139 written all over the first verse, yet I had not studied that verse back then. In fact I rarely studied an Bible at all until recently. I am not proud to say that I am what the song depicts within the lyrical genius of my Heavenly Father, a "wordless warrior" and ignorantly happy to "feel" my way to the God instead of truly knowing His precious Word in the way of searching the Scriptures. 

There is one other thing I want say about the song, I think what the Lord is clearly hoping I will finally learn and that g them, writing down verses, memorizing, talking to the Lord while journaling His thoughts, words, wisdom, love, knowledge, grace, patience ... oh stop me now!








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