Are You Down? / Face Flat Down 

Hello Friends!  Yes, it's yours truly checking in. How are you doing after this crazy summer of isolation? Are you down these days with all that is going on? Are you "down" with it? I suppose that is an old expression, but seriously, how are you doing in such troubling circumstances?

There have been so many changes in the past few months it seems surreal. Politically, culturally and relationally our "normal" has shifted. The question I am asking is are you "face flat down" before God in these times?

Where do you go when you get scared? How do you deal with the unknown that lurks around every corner? What do you do with loneliness, anger, resentment?

These are good questions and ones I think we should be asking each other on a regular basis ... because God tells us to.

My song, Face Flat Down really says it all on this subject. I didn't like writing Face Flat Down way back when, at least not the part where it says I have a "predators heart" but I didn't really know the extent of my dark heart when I wrote the song, really, who seeks to truly know their own heart? The good news is the more I learned about wretched self, the more powerful the Gospel becomes for me.

Face Flat Down is about a young little Christian asking really good questions,  will you join me?

Love ya friends, enjoy the song. Feel free to share this post with a friend! Over and out, L.


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