Lisa Gallant Seal
      Musicianary - Worship Leader - Singer, Songwriter

Lisa Gallant Seal is a New England based "musicianary", singer, songwriter and worship leader. Through her original songs Gallant Seal tells stories of her experience, strength and hope as a born again believer walking in the world today.


Finding a natural ability to write, sing and play guitar in her early teens, Lisa recalls this talent helping her deal with a troubled childhood. As she blossomed into a performer, Lisa could sense that her voice and her songs were helping others connect with trapped emotions of the past, igniting her passion to share her music. After becoming clean and sober in 1988 the artist formed a locally successful band she named—The Brotherhood Dogs (1994-2002). Seal gradually found her place in Christian Contemporary Music soon after experiencing a spiritual renewal in becoming "born again".

"Lisa is a blessing and a challenge for all of her listeners, a rare and sought after combination” Lisa has talent, integrity and an endless supply of courage to tell her story on her terms."
Darren Elder/songwriter, drummer - The Wrecking

“Finally … a refreshing new sound in CCM.”  Ken Marvin, Marvin and Gentry Nashville 2011

“I could listen to that voice all day. It has strength, power and pathos at the same time.
I like it a lot.”       Gary Keffer - The Keffer’s

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